23 November 2014

Love From Canada

Look at this lovely package that arrived from Kristel at Wipgirl.
look scratch and sniff nail wraps, cool, hey!
I am very excited about this package you see she sent it as a secret and didn't tell me she sent it till the middle of October, she mailed it on September 12th.  It didn't come and I was so worried that her handmade gift had gotten lost.
With some yummy strawberry prints
Beautiful sweet strawberry prints, the one on the right is linen, love it!
and 55 - 5" charms of ALL DIFFERENT text prints, so awesome!  I can't even take a picture of each one individually there are so so many and did I say that they are all different!
Kristel also remembered the kids,
and totally adorable gifts for the kids, my son loves his zombie (that's what he is calling it) lego light, and Katerina is going around with her "hedgehog mou" (my hedgehog).  The text mooseage was for Nik too, but I really like it so I will be stealing that.
yeah, I have that kind of humor.
Kristel also remembered that Hot Tamales were my favorite candy and was so sweet to include them in the package also some candy for the kids, but I couldn't find them for the picture.
Thank you Kristel!  I am so glad this package was not lost and just took the sea route here taking 9 weeks instead of the air route that Emmaline's bags new hardware took, these big guys also arrived on the same day and she mailed them out on November 14th, taking only 8 days to get here.
I won 2 of her new Handmade hardware pieces, if you make any type of bags, you should check out Janelle's shop, not only does she make great purse patterns, but she has the best purse supplies EVER!
I'm going to see how this looks with my upcycled jeans suitcase.
Linking to Sunday Stash.
Thank you my Canadian gal pals Kristel and Janelle!


One Wee Bird said...

Aren't surprise gifts the absolute best! Love the strawberry fabric especially the linen one....swoon!

memmens said...

What a lovely surprise and so thoughtful too. Text prints are so useful, I joined a text charm swap and have had a great time using them in different projects.

SewPsyched! said...

dont you love how generous and kind quilters are? XX!

CeLynn said...

That is some sweet love from Canada! Those notecards are way too stinking cute! I love Janelle's "Handmade" bag hardware,these are on my list. Congrats on the win!

wipgirl said...

I'm so glad it arrived! You know, it's still sort of shocking to me that I've got THAT many different text prints in my stash... :D

Deborah @Patchwork Atelier said...

Beautiful surprise gifts!
Hugs, Deborah


Great win, I havent been on the computer, sorry.. I did get a new tablet and phone so I can keep up with cha more, You need those Texas hugs..xox, This is a busy time of year for me, very, everyone in my family has a birthday and we have to attend xmas family partys, shop, cook, no I am not cleaning. But I am sewing.


PS. will email soon..

Linda said...

HI, neat gifts! Have some quilty sun!
Thanks for sharing!


Christine Feldstein said...

Hi Mara! What a lovely gift. You are lucky!