30 October 2015

More Curvy Clutch Hack Clutches!

I have made a few more of my Curvy Clutch Hack Pattern Clutches.
They make great Christmas Gifts, easy and quick to sew up, I like to do them in batches of two's.
I sewed these up for my Sister In Laws for Christmas, I hope they like them as much as I do,  we give out presents at Thanksgiving time since that is when the family gets all together.  I still have to mail mine cause we won't go to the States this year, so they need to go in the mail soon.

The top one has ruffled pockets on both sides.
Simple and beautiful!

I love the ruffle on this one, I only had a small piece it has little sailors, boats and anchors, so cute!
 Where are you taking your pictures, Mara?
At an abandoned house that overlooks our town of Kalabaka, Greece.
 And just down the street a little bit from our house (not shown in picture, but you can see the road I take to go to our house in the window frame).

You can also make a Curvy Clutch hack minus the ruffles, still bind the pocket piece, and also with out the hardware for the strap.

I sewed one of the pockets shut, so you can easily place your cell phone inside and it won't fall out while you are carrying your clutch.
The open side is next to the strap and the other side looks like a pocket, but I sewed it shut, didn't want to cover the cute girl riding her bicycle with the ruffle so that is why this one did not get ruffles.

I sent this one as a present to a friend who went the extra mile for me.
Will you be sewing up any Curvy Clutch Hack's for Christmas?  Let me know if you do, would love to see them, tag #thecurvyclutchhack if you are on IG.

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Sandra :) said...

Oh those are just adorable - I especially love the bicycle print - it's so sweet! I love making zipper bags, and love finding new fun patterns - I need to grab that pattern, as I'm not done my Christmas sewing yet, lol!