25 January 2016

Michael Miller Mini Challenge

I love a good challenge, especially when it falls into plans that I already had in mind.  I just found out last Thursday that Michael Miller was hosting a challenge to use it's fabrics to make a mini, well it just so happened that the week prior I got a whole package of Michael Miller fabrics!  Yippee, so fabric was no problem now to decide on a design, mmm... well my daughter recently requested to have her walls filled with mini quilts because and I quote her "I don't want you to make me any more dresses" aww... sad day for me, I had wanted that to be a new years resolution, to learn more about sewing garments.
Instead I am thinking about dressing her walls now... we will be painting her room later in the Spring when we start getting warmer weather and we already bought a Princess dancing barbie border, (picture on IG) so I used that as my inspiration for the first mini.
And used one of my favorite song verses "You've Got To Dance Like Nobody's Watchin'"  The size of this mini is 20" x 15"
I used Cotton Couture Solids for the girls and top and bottom border, Wee Sparkle Heart Sprinkles for the background, Arrow Flight Fuchsia for the binding. 

The second one came about from the love of Unicorn's that my daughter and I share, I bought this pattern during Christmas with the idea of using it to make a mini for my daughters room so this was the perfect excuse to get it done.
The pattern is from Quiet Play, and I used the opportunity to practice my FMQ skills and I broke 2 needles, crazy huh! The size of this mini is 10" x 13"
This one sparkles so much, I used Fairy Frost for the body, you can't see it in the picture, but I love it!
Fairy Frost for face, ears and unicorn horn, Out to Sea by Sarah Jane for the hair, Wee Sparkle Heart Sprinkles for the background, Arrow Flight Fuchsia for the binding. 
On both for the back I used Hayley Crouse's Color Me Fabrics
My daughter is very excited about coloring these, but first I have a few scraps to wash up and see how they do, using different markers to "test"
I colored the top one, my daughter colored the bottom :)
I enjoyed making these mini's
Can't wait to get them up on the walls, but first we need to do some painting.


Danette Stankovich said...

Very cute! And Nicely done!


They are adorable.. How did you cut those dancing barbies out so precise ? I just made a mini this week and practiced match stick quilting..maybe I can blog now !

Vera said...

They are both pretty and I like your new header a lot :)