31 October 2016

Sunday Stash

This week I got a wonderful bundle of fabrics from Janum fabrics.  My most favorite, the stunning metallic bundle of Luster from Zen Chic.
Luster fabrics with Aurifil (left to right) 2021, 6072, 2600, 6736, 4241
Inspired by last weeks Sunday Stash to take a picture like this, it doesn't look as good as My Go-Go Life's though :)
I just love the metallics in this!
In the same package was her Tuesday deal's from Instagram, which are really good, you should check it out.
On the left the Cat's Meow and of course I just had to get a charm pack of Handmade.  She also always includes the cutest buttons in your package.
I showed off my new Aurifil threads last week, along with a giveaway, it's still going on till Monday night.
Linking to Sunday Stash episode #200

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One Wee Bird said...

OOOh this Zen Chic line is new to me...it looks delicious! I like your styling with the matching thread, it's spot on!