09 February 2017

Blithe Quilt

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I was really thrilled about getting the chance to work with Katarina Roccella's Blithe fabrics from Art Gallery Fabrics.  I especially wanted to work with the Canvas from AGF, and like all AGF fabrics it is amazing "Feel the Difference" is as always the truth.  In fact it is so great, that when it came in the mail, my husband asked if I was making something for him, he loves the feel of it, and if you think this is a common comment from him, it's not, he doesn't like me sewing, so for him to approve of just fabric was truly amazing.
Another thing I love about Art Gallery Fabrics is that they always do a great job of telling you what blenders/solids go great with a fabric collection.  I picked up a few of the solids suggested Sweet Macademia, Quartz Pink (I love this color so much!!) and Mystic Grey, I had Ash and Moonstone on hand and think they look good with the fabric collection as well.
from back to front, Sweet Macademia, Mystic Grey, Ash and Moonstone

I also added a little bit of Katarina's first collection "Indelible"

For the binding I couldn't help but add another Art Gallery Fabric designer's fabric to the mix for the binding, using a flange binding technique with Quartz Pink as the solid, which looks beautiful against the canvas.
Blithe, Skopelos and Paperie
I was so happy to have Fat Quarter Shop's Orange Peel Templates, it helped a lot in the making of the feathers.

I ended up hand quilting it since I was having difficulties with my sewing machine, I like the way it turned out.
But I have a few more "white feathers" to hand quilt down and so I have not completed the quilt and I apologize about this.
With all of the hand quilting I needed to take breaks for my finger sakes, so I also created the Airport Sling from the book "On the Go Bags"
I will be donating this for the Auction #sendkarritokorea that is going on on IG, this weekend.

I will complete the quilt as soon as possible, Thank you for the chance to create using your fabrics Katarina!


Anonymous said...

HI,your project is so attractive>neat fabric collection! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Anita said...

This is completely gorgeous, Mara! I love the details with the feathers.

Beausoleil Quilts said...

Your quilt is amazing. And even hand quilted. So impressed.

MalinisQuilts said...

You did an amazing job on this quilt ��.

Said With Love said...

Absolutely stunning Mara!! Well done ❤ And I love the bag to!! Anne