21 March 2007


The First Day of Spring, MARCH 21st, our wedding day.
The first picture is from left to right, Katerina (Arthur's mom), Arthur, Mara, Nik (Arthur's dad)

The next photo is with our koubaros, Stergios (a long-time customer at KOKA ROKA), Mara, Arthur, and Niki (a neighbour and family friend).

Arthur signing the wedding papers, the mayor standing next to him and then the mayor placing the ring on Mara's hand.

We have been in the process of trying to get all of the papers done and going through the greek red tape to get married. Everything was going slow as molasses that we were coming up with plan B's and C's, we were unsure if we could get everything done by the 30th of March when my stamp expires and I would have to leave the country and re-enter. But yesterday, Teusday, the women at the Town Hall said the wedding would have to be tomorrow at 9am, we were trying to get it on Friday to give our Koubaros time to get here and organized. But she said either tom. or she didn't know when it would be and being short on time we decided to go with the Wednesday date of March 21st.
This made a mad scramble to find our koubaros, best man and women or witnesses, since the ones we had spoken to previously were unable to make it on a Wednesday morning. But we found some great ones so it worked out in the end.
Arthur says to come anytime for the wedding party, its open season. We will be having a religious ceremony in the future possible January 2009. Give us your vote if this is enough time for you to gather money and time off to visit us in Greece, and would you like it to be the first weekend or the second weekend of the month. Let us know by e-mail and also leave your mailing address Mara's E-mail: maracapron26@hotmail.com
Arthur's E-mail: kokaroka@yahoo.com


Eric said...

Congratulations!. We're excited to come celebrate with you just about any time. January would be great since the new kid will be 7 months old and Andrew would be old enough to be a ring bearer (if you do that sort of thing in Greece).

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Kelly said...

Congratulations Mara! The first day of spring is a great day for a wedding! We are excited for you and Arthur and pray that God will bless your marriage!

Anonymous said...

Dear Arthur and Mara,
I am happy for you both. I'm glad you found some friends and family to celebrate with you. Arthur, in my family alone there are 30+ family members who are celebrating long distance with you both. Terry and I send our love as you mark the beginning of your life together. Ma

Gloria said...

Mara & Arthur,

Congratulations to you both! God's blessing on your new life together. Sounds like you've been very busy getting things ready and making this happen quickly. We wish you the best - and don't forget all those wonderful scrapbooking pages you'll be making!

Take Care, Luv, Gloria & Doug