26 March 2007

Wedding Rings

These are our beautiful rings, they are multi-colored with gold on the outside and beaten white gold on the inside. They are also inscribed on the inside with our names in the Greek alphabet and the date of the wedding 21-3-2007, I have Arthur's name (Αθανασιος) and he has my name Mara (Μαρα). I'm still not used to wearing a ring, I've never been the ring wearing kind of girl, so I'm constantly moving it from finger to finger and have the habit of taking it off and forgetting to put it back on. Eventually I will get used to wearing it, but when I start doing massages in the summer I will have to take it off again. Aah, the plight of being married, otherwise I don't feel any different and I am continuing to be my wonderful self.

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Anonymous said...

Very pretty rings and Mara, this is your mother speaking: Don't be taking it off! You know Murphy's law? You'll get used to wearing a ring. In the summer maybe you could wear it on a chain. I can't deal with lost things-- ie missing car keys can send me into a tizzy. Love to you both. Ma