19 June 2007

Peaceful on the Greek Front

Just wanted to let everyone know that not much is happening here. We haven't had any greek holidays, so I'm missing out on my dancing. Last night there was a DJ at the central square and we could here his hiphop bass booming music all the up to our house. This weekends weather is supposed to be at 43 C, I have no clue what that is into Fahrenhiet, but I know it's pretty darn hot already at 36 C. We get summer showers like New Mexico here, but the humidity doesn't allow it to cool down, unlike NM where the summer shower can cool the place by 10 degrees F. We also have the coolest thunder and lightening, the thunder echoes off of the rocks and can last for several minutes, very loud and totally fun to listen to as long as you're hanging out in a dry spot.

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Anonymous said...

I love peaceful with a little thunder and lightning. It's warming up in New Mexico too,but the new cooler is in place finally. Keep Cool Love, Ma