29 June 2007


Well the weather is still hot, but not so bad compared to Turkey 50C which is like 125F. But since we have the heat wave we now have over 100 fires burning in Greece and the Islands, all of the planes are being used and we have even borrowed some firefighters from other countries (Italy and France). The closest fire to us is about an hour away so it's not affecting us, but that is the fire that they found 2 dead people. We are surrounded by mountains so hopefully no forest fires will come here.
Everything is going well here.


Leslie said...

Try to stay cool Mara! I hope your record breaking heat wave ends very soon. Love, Leslie

Jeanie said...

Mara, we haven't even had any triple digits here in the hot ole' North Texas! We have had a real unusual spring and summer with lots of clouds and tons of rain. There is flooding all over town, but we are all on dry ground! How strange that we haven't reached 100 and it is July! In June we only had 10 days without rain.

You may have to come see us to cool off!

Eric said...

Hot here as well. Lowest amount of rain in So Cal since they started keeping track of these things. Fires have been under contol so far but come October it's going to be bad.

Had a Greek friend at NMSU that raved about iced Greek coffee inc the summertime. You should check it out.

Hope things are going well. Love, Eric