17 January 2008

Still No Baby

Arthur and I went to the hospital two days ago with a pain in my chest to find out that it was just stomach burn. I knew it wasn't the baby, so I just kept brave and told Arthur I was fine and there was no need to go to the hospital but after 8 hours of pain I finally broke down and we called our baby doctor, he told us to go see a doctor at the hospital. We were the only ones at the hospital at the time so it was real nice and quite and our doctor spoke English which was even better so I could explain my symptoms and she said it sounded like stomach issues. She gave me some Maalox and 30 minutes later the pain was gone, p.s. the pain feels like someone has left a knife going in from your back out to the front of your chest and then they are taking a belt and tightening it around your chest so you can't breathe. Just in case anyone has this symptom Maalox works great.
The baby is still here.


Eric said...

Hang in there. Not too much longer to go :)

Jeanie said...

Mara, the description sounds exactly like my gall bladder attack. So be on the lookout for repeat attacks. I only had one major attack and told the doctor to schedule surgery. It wasn't too bad.

Hope yours in only indigestion though!

mara said...

Thanks for the encouragement and advice.