10 January 2008

Movie and Dinner Date

A movie and dinner date, we haven't been on one of these in a while so it was nice to get out and enjoy the evening. At the movies we watched "I am Legend" with Will Smith, I jumped a few times , it was good, but you can wait untill it comes out on DVD. Movie theatres here cost 7 euros, so about $10, we enjoyed pop-corn for 1.50euro, not a bad price.
Then Arthur and I walked to the restaurant area of downtown Trikala, we eat such great food at home that it is hard to enjoy restaurants, especially since they all serve the same Greek traditional food. I think it would be better if there was more ethnic restaurants to go too, but they all pretty much serve the same thing so we always look for one that serves fish, since we don't eat this much at home. Arthur ordered the calamari - it was the typically frozen straight out of the package type that we have had at other rest., so with no flavor. But I found a winner in their chicken snitzel, the chicken was very tender and the breading was done just right, we also enjoyed an appetizer of mushrooms in a rich red wine sauce. Overall dinner cost 19euros, about $27 and this included 2 appetizers, 2 dinners and 2 desserts. It was a very enjoyable night and will probably never be repeated after the baby is born. Life is soon to change.

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GeGe said...

Good for you guys. Good point about life changing.