18 May 2008

Greek Cousin Wedding

The wedding was in Larissa about 1 1/2 hours away. We first went to visit Arthur's Grandmother, this is the first great grandchild that she has seen, she has 4 others but they live in Australia.
This is a picture taken at Arthur's uncles place, 1st cousin Kristos(the one getting married), Arthur, Fotine(cousin from Athens), Nik and Me.
Uncle Lambros from Athens

The groom meets the bride outside of the church and they walk down the aisle together.

A picture with the bride and groom outside of the restaurant.
Once again we left the wedding party before I could enjoy some cake, this is my third Greek wedding and I still haven't tasted what their cakes are like. The music was the typically very loud clarino music and baby Nik was pretty exhausted and it was just to much for him, so we left early. Over all he was a very good baby and everyone talked about how beautiful he is, he enjoyed the attention but didn't do much talking like he does when Arthur and I are around, the video below shows how he normally communicates.

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Jennifer said...

Hello to Grandmother and your Greek family. Pretty soon Nick won't let you skip out before the cake. Love, Ma