29 May 2008

4 Months

Nik is 4 months old today, we are in the 6 month clothes and these are even starting to look a little on the small size. It's bloody hot here and I know that I would rather not wear any clothes and I think Nik is feeling the same way. His skin gets these red blotches when he is hot.
He is very easy to entertain, kind of like Jon when he was little I remember we could give Jon some paper clips and he was a happy boy, Nik loves textures and colors. He stares forever at his dog taggie blanket made by Kelly. He has also learned to play "where's the baby?", he will take his sheet and pull it up over his face, his legs and arms start to flail around and we can either say "where's the baby?" and he will pull the sheet down or we pull the sheet down. I think it depends on if he is trying to get our attention then we have to do the pulling down, but if he is just playing he will pull it down himself (I'll get a video of it for you guys, totally cute).
Arthur and I think he has 2 words down Gala and Mama, at least that's what they sound like when he is wailing for one or the other. Gala is Milk in Greek much easier to learn than the harsher sounding word Milk.


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Leslie said...

Happy Birthday Mara!

Jennifer said...

Hi boys, Good thing Grandma likes boys....I am looking for a little girl...Here is Tres Piedras even my friend Debbie has 2 grandsons. They run in and out of the sagebrush like little coyotes. I hang on to them tight when we go on the 4-wheeler, but really they are holding me on. We hiked the boundaries of Debbie/Gil's new property and I was the only one that slipped in the muddy creek. They are 6 and 3. So I'm keeping in touch/training. We didn't make a tent, but it took us an hour or so to reach the south boundary so there is still lots of room in New Mexico and lots of dogs....Bonnie, Noche, Angel, Lacoda, Ginger, to name a few.