08 August 2008

We have contact

Or in other words "I finally have my contacts." I have been without contacts for a whole year now, last year when I was pregnant I had an eye infection and I didn't like the way the medicine made me feel so I didn't take it. Then when we went to the eye doctor again I found out that my eye sight had gotten worse by a whole point. He told me to wait until three months after giving birth to see if my eyesight would go back to normal and it did, yippee! I am still as blind as a bat at -7.5 and I now have a little astigmatism but I am so glad to be back in contacts because it is so hot here that my glasses slide down my nose and I feel like I 'm living in the fifties and am all nerdy.We will be in the States, hopefully, November 2009, bar any complications.

Little kitty is doing very well and is feeling good, thanks for the prayers.

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Jeanie said...

Can't wait to see you all and I did find a WiiFit today. The kids have been over playing on it. It is pretty fun!

You look great with or without contacts!