30 August 2008

7 Months

The things he can do:Suck his toes (he won't let me take a picture)
Look Cool while sucking a pacifier
Got Milk (actually yogurt)

He can also now go from a sitting position and pull himself up on something to stand and stand for a few seconds on his own. Crawling is a backwards affair and frustrates him greatly because he would like to go forward but somehow ends up going in reverse. He enjoys eating pretty much anything we give him and really likes it when it comes from our own plates or if we show interest in eating his food. Dad (Tim) said he would be a sailor in the Olympics but I think he will either play soccer or any sport really to do with kicking his feet because they are constantly in motion. This is why we have him walking all of the time because if you hold him he is kicking his feet, if he is laying down he is kicking his feet (very hard for diaper changes) so it is better to just have him walking around or in his walker.


Kelly said...

Wow, look at those blue eyes! Nic is a cutie! Congrats on seven months!

Jeanie said...

Looks like he should have a tattoo in his sunglass pictures! Tough guy.

So cute, but then look at his mom!

GeGe said...

He is just beautiful. Wow - can't wait to hold him (doesn't sound like that would last long). Love, GeGe