22 September 2008

Cousin's Wedding

On the way to the church ceremony

Father and Groom waiting for the bride outside.
Yes it is raining, here comes the bride.
Mara and Nik inside the church
We then took baby home, he fell asleep on the way home and Katerina watched him. It's a good thing that he was asleep because Katerina was holding a baby that belonged to some guest staying upstairs and I think she would have just dropped that baby in order to hold baby Nik.
In Greece when the bride and groom finally arrive to the reception they first cut the cake, then they do a dance with the family then they do the dollar dance and several more dances all before they can sit down and eat. I would be starving by then, thank goodness Arthur and I didn't get married here. Speaking of Cake I finally got to try what a Greek wedding cake taste like, it was kind of like a Black Forest Chocolate Cake with chocolate soaked cake and cream and a few cherries and then a vegetable frosting on the top with almond slices.


Valerie & Bryan said...

Sounds like a yummy cake! Nik is getting so big and handsome!

Eric said...

Looks like fun. Nik will be walking before you know it. Mom and I have been playing phone tag last couple of days. We'll lock in travel details tomorrow.

Jeanie said...

Good to hear from you Mara. Good pics!