07 September 2008


Family came to visit, Katerina's brother with his wife and two children, they live in Athens. As you can see Nik has hair on the sides but it is really light blonde so it's not as visible as the top part of his hair. He still loves hugs and kisses and in fact has learned that his different cries gets different responses so he is starting to use his vocal whining to get us to pick him up. So anyone concerned about him not wanting to be held is sadly mistaken HE LOVES BEING HELD. Now when he drops something he will grunt and look at it untill you pick it up for him, he is finally crawling forward but this has lead to his ability to climb up onto his knees and then pull himself up to his feet. He can hold himself up for several seconds on his own and I am almost afraid to leave him awake in his crib since this is the easiest place for him to pull himself up. Well enough about baby, I'm doing great :)


Jeanie said...

Great picture of you Mara. I am sure little Nik will take off on his own in no time. Then your life will be jumping!

Tindy said...

Fun to have a family gathering. Nic looks like the real center of attention! He appears so happy in all of his pics.