19 January 2009

Trying new things

Uncle Bill showing him how to work a lighter.
Now Nik gives it a try.
Great, the Greek side of him is already holding cigarettes and a lighter and trying to get a hold of his Uncles alcoholic drink (Aunt Maria in the background). Nik is a pretty smart kid, you show him something once and he will try to copy you and what you are doing. I accidentally showed him how to open a pen by clicking on it and now he likes to open them and tries to "write" on paper, they look like chicken scratches but he is very proud of himself. I guess it's time to buy some crayons.


Jeanie said...

Sounds dangerous to me.

Smoker's stink! I know, I live with one. Thank goodness Mike doesn't smoke in the house!

mara said...

He's a quick study, you do something in front of him and he wants to copy what your doing, just now he tried to scrap a match on the match box for the fire, he also likes to throw wood into the fireplace. Our little pyro.

Terry Peters said...

What other habits are you teaching?

mara said...

Today is his birthday, the hotel computer won't allow me to make a blog, tomorrow we go in for the third surgery. He has learned how to blow his nose with a tissue and has great fun rubbing the tissue around his nose and mouth area. He also shakes his head and hand when I tell him No and he recognizes "No" things and will shake his head from side to side at the sight for example : electical outlets.