01 February 2009

1st Birthday Video

Our birthday celebration at the hospital on Thursday, we shared the cake with fellow hospital inmates and a few of our favorite doctors.

We went into the hospital on Tuesday, did a X-ray on Wednesday and then on Thursday we were under the impression that we would be having the surgery on Friday. On Friday they informed us that they would just be doing a colonoscopy and that we would come back in two months to do the final surgery. We came home on Saturday to find that it had been snowing in Kalambaka.


Jeanie said...

Even here Nik seems mesmerized by the candle flame. You better watch the little pyro!

So sorry he had to spend his birthday in the hospital. But I am sure that he was the star of the show with the nurses and doctors.

Eric said...

Happy Birthday Nik. Won't be long now until they have everything sorted out. Hang in there. However, doesn't look like anything's slowing you down - can't wait until you can run around with Andrew and Owen.

Jennifer said...

Lots going on..We've been "broken down" for a few days.Terry tried to "fix" his computer...ended up buying a new lap top. I hope Nik won't mind celebrating his birthday a little belated with Grandma. I'm composing my e-mail in my head...standby all. Love, Ma

Jennifer said...

Good singing Mara...Little weak Arthur, good candle blowing baby Nik.....Love, Grandma Peters