19 April 2009


Greek Orthodox Easter was celebrated today, one week after Catholicism. We did the traditional roasting of lamb along with the rest of the town. The smoke was so thick in the air that it almost looked foggy outside but after two o'clock and with most of the fires put out the sky has cleared. We had our lamb on the fire and our neighbors goat, Katerina also made cucaretsi, basically all of the insides of the lamb on a skewer. If you come on Easter of Christmas you can try this Greek delicacy.
Arthur and I then tried to play backgammon but baby also wanted to play so we were delegated to watching him roll the dice and spread the chips around.
After Nik played outside with the cat and petted her with cookies, such a sweet boy, of course then he tried to eat the said cookies. We listened to firecrackers and gun shots and watched cars go by. Nik also took several rides with his dad on the Vespa, he will soon be driving it by himself. He went to the playground several times, read the blog below.


Jeanie said...

Not too appealing! I think I will become a vegetarian.

mara said...

Please don't, there are 9 Essential Amino Acids that you can only get from eating red meat and any vegetarian that says otherwise is ignorant.

Jennifer said...

Grandpa Nik made the fire, Katarina roasted the lamb, Arthur was the babysitter. Who made the cookies? Maybe you made a cookie run. Did I get it right? Were there guests? I run into more lamb dishes here in Northern New Mexico. My friend Dianne had us over for lamb and vegetables a few weeks ago. She and I talk about healthy food on our nightly walks up the forest road. I'm adding local honey,flour upgrade and real peanut butter to my grocery list. We walk by our neighbor's house. They have 6 new baby pigmy goats. Terry wants one, but after building the chicken "facility" I don't see a goat barn in our future. I couldn't see eating one or even one of my chickens....although I am threatening that little rooster whenever he flogs me.

Jeanie said...

Mara, please add another blog so I don't have to keep seeing the picture of the bbq!