08 April 2009

Hospital Stay

Everything is going great and Nik is a true strong trooper, nicknamed Popeye or Superman. Today the doctors even have allowed him to start eating, milk, yogurt, cream or soup. I gave him milk right away and he downed 12 ounces like a starving man and then filled two diapers up with #2's just as quickly. I really kind of miss the colostomy bag and am very glad that I got away with 14 months of none poopy diapers, pewyew!
The surgery was on Friday and lasted 2 hours, he was on morphine the rest of the day and the early morning of Saturday, by Saturday afternoon he was standing up on his own even though we kept trying to keep him down (impossible). By Sunday he was pooping and walking the corriders. On Monday they allowed him to drink tea and took out the nose hose ( I have no idea what it is called). Tuesday he became very cranky because he was hungry and did not sleep well at all, so today (Wednesday) we are very happy to report that he has been allowed to eat. He is also very happy and when he had his yogurt he by-passed using a spoon and just shoved the yogurt cup into his mouth and swollowed it down.

This visit has been very interesting because we have been able to compare Nik's restorative spirit against another kid who had the same kind of surgery on the same day. This kid is 30 months old (twice Niks age) and has the ability to talk and communicate what is wrong (the doctors and nurses don't seem to like this so much) thank goodness Nik can't talk yet and only screams his unknown discomfort. This kid only just sat up on his own yesterday, 3 days after Nik and he still has not pooped, to the embarrassment of his parents since they saw how many dirty diapers Nik did in one day TEN.
The doctors did tell us it was rare that he went to the bathroom 2 days after surgery and that normally it happened 5 days after, but like we said Nik is a super star and we may even go home earlier than expected especially since they had informed us that normally they do not allow the kids to eat for 8 days after the first poop, so the organs can heal, but we have already started eating. So the proposed date for going home is Monday or Tuesday, but i hope it will be before that. This weekend will be busy at KokaRoka (Catholic Easter) and Arthur will probably have to leave me so he can help his mom. But keep your prayers that we will be home for the weekend.
Pictures to follow.


GeGe said...

This is wonderful. We got your text this morning and were so delighted. Truly an answer to prayers. I never thought I would be so happy for poop. We love you guys and hope you get home soon. Dad and Rhonda

Kelly said...

Thanks for the update Mara. We will pray that you can leave very soon and that Nic contains to amaze everyone with his progress. We love you guys!

Jeanie said...

Maybe it is a good time to start potty training little Nik! Since poopy diapers are new to him?

Anonymous said...

Jeanie's got a good idea with the potty training. Maybe you won't have to do the poopy diaper thing for very long. Can't wait to finally meet the little Superman in September! I'm so excited about our trip. We'll say prayers for you all and hope you all get to go home soon. Love you!
Val & Bryan