03 September 2009

Come Fly with Me

Air France is having some super hot deals right now, you can fly into Athens for around $700 dollars, round trip. So come on over for a visit and we will give you a lift to the airport if you leave on the same day as us, Nov. 7th a Saturday.
Check out Delta too! we got our tickets from them.


Candy said...

We are ready for you! Tindy has a stroller and baby bed. We have room for you and there is beer in the fridge! We have been thinking about having an early Thanksgiving Dinner when you are here so Nik and Arthur can experience a "Bridgman Gathering." :-) (You know, Mara, where everyone talks and laughs at the same time) We are very much looking forward to your arrival and seeing you all!

Candy said...

AND...BABYSIT! Oh, yes!