22 September 2009

Video of Nik

Here's a video of Nik helping out with the washing of the carpets.
Both Arthur and his mom keep telling him to use both hands.
Then a gypsy goes by with some onions.
A typical day in Greece.


Jeanie said...

Was it the onion seller that had the loud speaker? That's annoying!

Nik looks like a good housekeeper. Maybe he can come and clean out my pantry like you used to?

Bustamante Bazaar said...

Hi darling! Nik is SO big and SO handsome. He actually looks pretty Greek to me. I didn't expect that. I really enjoyed your photos. You are lucky to live in such an extraordinarily beautiful place. Do you find yourself taking it for granted? I take the beauty of Oregon for granted until I go to the ocean.

I'm glad you posted the dates of your visit to the US this fall. I need to look at my airline itinerary. I think we'll be in Denver the same time as you!