04 December 2009

Back from the U.S.A

And we are back, smelling the Greek air and sleeping a whole lot. We haven't down loaded all of the photos from the trip but when we do we will make a few blogs. The last days in San Francisco Nik got a cold so he wasn't feeling so great, but amazingly enough he did pretty good on the flights and only grabbed the flight attendants butt once (naughty little boy).
Hey Jon, we really enjoyed eating at the House of Nan King in Chinatown, SF, and the really cool part was that we got to enjoy that whole morning with cousin Lettie Bridgman. But more of that to come.
Will write more later, I'm going to eat my Greek steak now, yum.

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Jeanie said...

Talked to Doris a few nights ago. They are both home and doing better. She was so glad that she got to visit with you all. Have a great Christmas.

Make a New Years resolution to blog more!