17 December 2009

First part of trip-Seattle

Here we are at the Athens airport, we had a difficult start since we were flying with Air France but had booked our tickets with Delta, the inept clerk couldn't find Nik's ticket. Finally she took our advice and looked under our reservation number, duh!, but she wanted to charge us 340euros almost the same price that we had paid for our adult tickets, ridiculous.
Nik really enjoyed flying and did very well on the 15 hour trip. Cousin Kelly and Mom picked us up from the airport in Seattle and took us to lunch and then to our hotel, we were to bushed to do anything else.
This is outside of our hotel in Seattle, just 2 blocks from the Seattle Center with the Space Needle, with a Safeway and Dick's a place famous in Seattle (loved the fact it was open till 2AM) across the street.
Some Chili's at the Pike Place Market.
We then went down to the Seattle Aquarium, I might of had more fun than Nik but I think he enjoyed it also.

Arthur found his favorite and only beer he purchased in the States, ESB.
Our hotel, of course called The Mediterranean.
Nik showing what dinosaur's do at the fun and interactive Science Center.
Space Needle
We took the Monorail downtown to the mall.
Our favorite place to shop and have breakfast.


Jeanie said...

Glad to see your pictures of your trip. Hope you have a great Christmas.

Cheryl said...

Hi Mara! I loved the pics and I can especially relate to the things you said about your son being a general and telling everyone what to do. Beckett doesn't do the screaming thing, but he does flop on the ground and whack his head. I am always worried about him getting a concussion and haven't figured out how to get it to stop. Otherwise, he's pretty much an angel and it appears that Nik can be one as well. He is so adorable.