24 January 2010

Finally some snow

Nik getting ready to go out in the snow, first snow of the year. He is wearing long johns and boots from Grandma Peters, he was having fun posing for these pictures and kept insisting on one more.
Look new hair cut and finally no morning sickness.
I actually got a little smile out of him.
I still have roses in my garden I think they will finally die now with the snow.
Nik throwing snow balls at the older boys, he loves the snow.
Victor with Nik
Athanasios, Victor holding Nik, Kostas and Demitris (big boys from the neighborhood). It snowed on a Saturday, perfect for kids to play outside but Greek mothers are very protective and 3 of them were on thier verandas yelling at the kids to come in that it was to cold.


Jeanie said...

Great pictures Mara. Your new hair style is really pretty. Can't believe how big Nik looks. So he has decided that he loves the camera? Glad to hear that you are feeling better too.

Prof said...

Cute kid. Like the smile.

Jennifer said...

I hope there are no wet feet. I was afraid that they didn't find a space in the suitcase. I think some boots are for snow and some are for water. My snow boots don't hold up when it is wet. Looks like there are a lot of boys in the neighborhood. I suppose you'll find the girls soon enough. Love, Grandma Peters.

Tindy said...

Love all the pictures. I haven't had time to post any with my new job. What fun you are having in the snow Nik. Keep up the posting!