29 January 2010

Nik is TWO!

Modeling poses that he chose "one more picture, mom"

Here he is sitting on the toilet, probably spends about 3 hours on the thing playing with his toys (holding Skipit the dog for this photo).
Battery run train that lasted about an hour before Nik broke it, it was one of his birthday presents.
His favorite new activity clinking glasses together and saying "Cheers" anytime he drinks anything. He mostly drinks water but if he sees you drinking something else he wants to trade glasses (beer, wine or sodas) and then he always nods his head in a Yes direction as if to say "yum".
Still enjoying his meat, he had some pork chop and chicken for a birthday dinner.
Helping mom bake the birthday cake, his favorite part licking the spoon, just like mom!
Getting ready to blow out the candles,
Happy Birthday NIK!

Nik turned 2 today, what to say about him? He is the apple of my eye, even when he is giving us a hard time he still makes me laugh. He will either grow up to be a soccer player or an actor/model, he over reacts to the smallest thing just like a soccer player rolling on the ground going oww! and then the next minute he's up and running after the ball. Nik will do the same thing, sudden frown and tears and then smiling and laughing. He is my theater mask (smiling/frowning face) so versatile so active.

  • Sitting on the toilet
  • Trucks and Tractors
  • Drawing and Banging on Furniture
  • Farm Animals
  • Going on Drives


Jeanie said...

Oh! The terrible two's. What fun you have in store for you!

Glad to see that he likes Skipit!

Mara, is that a cheesecake for his birthday cake? It looks absolutely yummy!

Nik is so cute. Ryan was a stuntman like Nik, very dramatic. He made every fall look like slow motion and then he would get up and take off running or do it all over again.

mara said...

An Oreo Cake, kinda like cheese cake with some chocolate cookies.

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to you, Nik. You are looking like a big boy now. Love, Grandma Peters

Anonymous said...

Are you knocked up? : )

Luv ya

Leslie said...

Happy birthday Nik! Cute pictures Mara!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Nik! Great pics Mara!