07 August 2010

New Machine

I am so excited to report that we bought a new Laundry Washing Machine. It is an LG 7 kilo and works very quietly and doesn't jump around a huge improvement over our last machine that was 20 years old. In typical Greek fashion we gave our machine to a neighbor who wanted it, my American thinking was to immediately toss it into a waste bin, but nothing is wasted here. Now I just need to find someone who wants all of the underwear that Dad left here, I'm sure someone will want them.


Prof said...

Glad you have it and I hope it saves you time and money.

mara said...

Yes to both, already I am down to just one load every other day and searching for things to fill up the washer, where as before I was doing 2 loads a day. Plus drying time is much faster since it does such a good job at wringing the clothes they are almost already dry before I put them out.

Jeanie said...

We have an LG too and it does save water and time.