20 August 2010

A Picture For Dad

Hi Dad this photo shot is for you... Me in the back of the car with both kids fast asleep. This was on our way to Milina a few weeks ago. Now here's the story... When Dad and Rhonda were here they helped me make the car seat toddler ready for Nik and then gave me some money for a seat for baby Kat. So I was excited to use both seats on our trip and I got the car all ready the night before. We did good for the first hour and half but then tragedy struck, Nik got car sick. Car sick bad, several times before we could come to a stop. We washed him up but there was no way we could fully clean the car seat. As we were stopped Katerina informed us that she was starving and wanted to eat right now. So we stacked her car seat on top of Nik's and I feed her in the backseat, Nik curled up next to me and fell asleep. I spent the next hour and half holding my babies and keeping the car seat from falling on top of us as we took the curvy road to the beach.


Prof said...

Glad you are at least trying to use the car seats Nik might need some Bonine. See if you can find it locally.

Eric said...

Just make sure the kids are looking out the window. Our first drive up to Sacramento with the DVD player running was total puke-fest. Ever since we've forgone the videos and everyone has been happier. Makes for a seemingly longer ride but no one gets sick.