24 April 2011

Arthur's Birthday

We celebrated Arthur's birthday last Sunday on the 17th, he turned 42 (therefore the 4 candles and 2 strawberries). He enjoyed his favorite food - Spaghetti.
About 2 weeks earlier we found Betty Crocker cake mix and frosting at a grocery store in Trikala, I was so excited, and everyone enjoyed the chocolate devils cake with vanilla frosting. I can't wait to go back and get some more boxed cake mixes (although this is the only flavor they had).

Yummy! the kids inherited my weak spot for sweets, oh boy! P.S. notice the addition of the high chair, baby Kat climbs right out of it and doesn't like it, but Nik loves it even though it is a little small and will fight his sister for the rights to sit in it and the majority of the time I let him win.
Since we ate this cake all in one day, on Monday I made Arthur's favorite homemade cake. It's just a plain yellow cake but super easy to make and just as delicious.


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday, Arthur. Sorry I missed.......the cakes. Your "guests" looked like they enjoyed it. Love to all, GrandMa

Jeanie said...

Happy belated B-day~ the cake looks yummy~ Are Kat's eyes blue? or brown? Hard to tell in these pictures.

mara said...