07 April 2011


Here we are at the beach.

Baby Katerina is a very competent crawler and now has mastered going up the stairs. She also can pull herself up and stand with out holding on to anything. I see her walking very soon, she wants to go where ever her brother goes. She's a very good eater and we have her drinking regular milk already.
Nik on the other hand has declared martial law and he is the new leader. Telling us when to talk and when to walk, I sometimes feel like I am living with a miniature dictator. But I must say that the best part of being a parent came a couple of weeks ago when all on his own Nik said "I love you, very much" to me and then to his sister. I don't know where this came from, but it made me feel ohh! so good.

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Jeanie said...

How sweet~ Looks like you had fun~