25 November 2011

Katerina Day

Here she is working on her tractor, she always gets distracted when I get the camera out but I told her to start her work again and to pose for the camera and that's when I got the shot below.
My pretty little girl.
Both kids love each other and for the most part play very well together, here Nik is giving her a hug and she's like hey not so close. But she always gives him a hug in the morning and when he comes home after being at KokaRoka.

Today was name day Katerina, so we got several calls from our Greek relatives to wish baby Kat many happy years (Xronia Polla). The Greeks celebrate name days more than they do birthdays, it does make things a little easier you don't have to remember birth dates you just call the person or visit on that persons name day. So if you know several Katerina's you can go to each of thier houses and get little cakes or some kind of refreshment. This is baby Kat's first name day since technically she has not had a name until she was baptized and that was on Oct. 16th. She will be 1 1/2 on December 8th, but I always think she is so much older because of her intelligence and her physical abilities. She can pretty much do everything her brother does and is an even better writer than him and holds a pen perfectly.


Jennifer said...

I see you, baby Kat. You look very busy. Love, from Grandma Peters

Prof said...

Where are Nik's birthday photos?