22 November 2011

No more sugar

In my attempt to stop eating sugar I made one last great dessert, a beautiful carrot cake. It was super delicious and the best I have ever made, you can find the recipe here. I want to limit my intake of sugar, starting at my 4 teaspoons of sugar in my morning coffee. But I have found the task difficult and my cravings for the white stuff border on addiction.
In the last ten days not only have I found myself eating half of the cake, but I also made brownies, chocolate cookies and this morning I am making cinnamon rolls (got the idea from Angela) plus I need to use the leftover cream cheese frosting from my carrot cake. Wish me good luck in my battle of the bulge by first getting rid of sugar, my personal poison.


Jeanie said...

It's my personal poison too. I think sugar runs in my

Leslie said...

Good luck Mara! You can do it!. I'm with you, sugar is hard.