12 August 2012

Finally Finished a Project

I am so happy to say that I finally finished a project, I have a list a mile long and dream of getting things done, but most of them just stay in dream land.  Well last weekend I was able to complete on of my projects, a cute dress for Katerina.
Mom sent me some material for our collective birthdays in June and I wanted to make a t-shirt dress.  Arthur wouldn't let me buy a new t-shirt so I got creative and used one of her old onesies that didn't fit anymore and just cut off the snap bottom part and then followed the directions given by this lady for her t-shirt tutorial.

Here are some pictures.
this is what I started with

sewing it together, only took me 1 hour

The 1 hour includes tryng to decide what kind of hem I wanted to make and playing around with scrap fabric, I decided on letter M, it looks good.
she looks cute, but it's a little to long, so I shortened it.

and made a backpack with the bottom snap part

I finally had something I could use my old Starbucks safety pin for

it worked out great in turning the straps inside out.

going to Corfu, in her new shortened dress

on the boat playing with a billion other kids

We want to buy some land next to this beach, nice hey!

climbing the rocks back home, with her backpack on.

uhoh, their planing something.

Ahhh! funny picture time.

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Jeanie said...

Cute dress. You were so smart to think of making a back pack out of the other half.