22 August 2012

Pattern Design Contest

This is for Amy at Nap Time Crafters.

For your contest I would really like to enter a set of outfits I found on Pinterest, I personally pinned it and it has been the most repinned item, people seem to really like it.  So I think it would be a big hit to add to your pattern shop.  I tried to find out more about the clothes they are made from company called Noa Noa out of New Zealand, they no longer have the outfits pictured up on their website so I am guessing they don't sell it anymore.  The only way I could get a picture to you is by using the link below, please check them out.
Girls outfit


P.S. it's the pants in the middle that I really like and of course the dress is cute too!


Prof said...

Tried to call yesterday. Are you on Corfu?

Lisa said...

They are very nice are you hoding too!