08 September 2013

September Goals

I almost forgot to write my September goals, oh my.
Okay first off, this last week I made some pouches, I have to make 1 more.  I now, I now enough of the pouch making, well I also get to make a tote this month, fun, fun, fun.
Plus I want to quilt my Star Surround block and make it into a pillow, I am going to be getting out my quilting foot to do this, so exciting.
or scary depending on how it turns out.

We went to Athens this last week and I thought it would be fun to have a picture of me doing EPP in front of the Acropolis.
This is as close to the Acropolis as we got, or I should say we were closer, but my husband lead us down the wrong road and we kept getting farther and farther away.  This picture was hurriedly taken while my daughter was screaming her head off and my son was leaning over the edge of the pee smelling wall that dropped down to the metro tracks.  Plus I had just carried my son on my back 5 blocks while pushing my daughter in the stroller, because both of them wanted "Mommy to do it".  Why do I have a husband again, oh yeah, he carries the money.

Back to goals, I have a few things going on for the Heroes addition of Le Challenge, button found on right.
Plus I am in 2 blog hops, Crazy about Wool (button on right) and
Let's twist to the 60's with Batiks (also button on right)

So got to get down and dirty and do those too.
Okay going to bed, 2:30 am here, I woke up feeling like I had forgotten to do something.

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I did you break it down to get one block.. I couldnt figure it out.