15 September 2013

Sweet Pouch Swap

My sweet pouch came in on Monday and I am just now sitting down to blog about it, I am so sorry.

It was a beautiful swap from Lindsay in Idaho and she was kind enough to send my ALL-TIME favorite candy - HOT TAMALES! (sad to say, half of them are gone already and I am being very stingy about eating them, they have to last till November, when I can get my next fix)

See it's already open, plus she sent a whole bag of chocolates
The Sweet Pouch contained a massive amount of mini chocolates, my kids love chocolate and they ate about 5 each before I could get this photo done on Monday right after the package arrived.  She also sent a bundle of fabrics.
So excited about these.
She also sent some Elmer's glue, because I asked for some so I can use it for putting on my binding's since I see that mentioned in blogs.  But I should have been a little more specific, because she didn't send the "washable, school" kind she sent the more industrial one, but that's awesome anyways, we don't get Elmer's here, in Greece, only UHU.

More pictures of her boxed pouch.

I had also tried to make a boxed pouch, but it failed miserably, so I sent this pleated one instead.
The English sub-titled video for this pleated bag can be found here.
And the pattern can be found here.

I did make some changes to mine, I used 2.5" pieces for the exterior pleats and 3" for the interior ones, so I could hide little houses inside.
this was a teaser photo
Lindsay's favorite color was yellow and she loves houses and the Road 15 fabric, Awesome I just happened to have all 3 of those things on hand.  Because you don't know how hard it is to find fabric in Greece.
I also made a handle for her bag and increased the height by using a 2.5" piece of yellow fabric at the bottom of the pouch also.
"Not all Who Wander Are Lost"
A sweet pouch needs sweet fabric inside.
Her one candy request was some Haribo gummys, then I put in some Greek chocolates and Greek lollies.
Plus a Greek cookbook and guide and my families favorite Greek Baklava recipe (here) a postcard of where I live and 2 lollies of the fabric kind, tutorial can be found here.
My daughter loved the fabric lollies so much I had to make one in her favorite color too.
A great swap and I am happy to say I have met another wonderful person on-line, in fact we have lined up another swap between ourselves but this time Pillows, SWEET!

Linking up to Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts (she hosted the swap)!

and linking to Such a Sew and Sew for the pouch I made and this other pouch that also sent out last week.
This one went to a fellow "Get Your Hex On" Bee member.

I have also made 2 more pouches and those will be shown for the Crazy About Wool Hop.

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salmons leggings said...

Great swap Mara! The pouches are nice and the fabric lollies are cute! Good job!

fenna said...

sounds like fun!

DeborahGun said...

gorgeous pouches :-) This was such a fun swap.

Vera said...

Pretty pouches and all those sweets looks yummy just like the fabrics!

Rachaeldaisy said...

What a great swap, you and your partner both got wonderful pouches!! I love the hidden houses in your pleated pouch and the saying you embroidered onto the handle is such a special touch. All those lollies are making me hungry! Fun fabrics too!!

Elizabeth said...

Wow! I absolutely love your pleated pouch! The yellow is so beautiful and I love the houses hidden in the pleats! What a sweet swap gift. And your hexie pouches are so cute too! Congrats on some really great finishes and thank you for linking up!

xo -E