16 December 2015

Le Challenge - Space

"Space, the final frontier"
Oh wait, that's Star Trek and not Star Wars, Sorry don't want to offend any Trekies or Warsies (what are Star Wars fans called, Chewbaccas?)
I love, love Le Challenge, it is such a great way to get out and make something, like this Star Wars themed toy bag for my son.  It was on my sewing Christmas list, but of course I am getting really down to the last minute in sewing these gifts up, but with the help of Le Challenge, I have it done today, and you would think from the way I am sounding it took ages to do, actually it only took 5 minutes, seriously 5 minute, well plus another 5 to iron, so let's say 10 minutes.
I'm upcycling, isn't that fun, this tank shirt Nik has worn since he was 2, I have a ton of pictures of him in it, so I find it adorable that I get to re-use it as something he can stick the little parts of his soon to be New Christmas Gift.
I trimmed the bottom of the tank top to make it even and then sewed it together, I wrapped the star wars fabric around the tank and cut 1 inch longer on the bottom and on one side 1 inch bigger, then I sewed it right sides together at 1/2", turned it inside out and placed it over the tank top.  I turned down the top, 1/2" and sewed it down to the tank, easy peasy!
It will hang nicely on the end of his bed.
He requested a Castle from Santa, and we bought this huge set up for 20euros, of course I think it will all break within a day or two, but my husband says that is fine.  There are a lot of little parts, so this Star Wars bag will help minimize the amount of SPACE this toy will need.
Linking up to Le Challenge for this months theme, Space!


helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

I too love making for le challenge . Your toy bag is a great idea . And Mara .... As stupid as this sounds I didn't realise that Mara in le challenge who I see every month is the same Mara that I see very often on ig !! Can't believe it !

Lisa said...

Great idea and reuse! Toys seem to be like that and in the end with mine it was all the little men he really wanted! I hope you have a merry christmas and see you in the new year. I love the Le Challenge and enjoy looking at what everyone made! Lucy and Nat make it fun!

Steph Blair said...

Now that's a great idea. I might pinch it for a couple of festive bags for my small ones :)

Steph Blair said...

Now that's a great idea. I might pinch it for a couple of festive bags for my small ones :)

Heidi said...

Love this idea Mara - I might pinch it too!!