19 September 2016

Selvedge Binding Tutorial

Rainbow Selvedge Flange Binding for the Undercover Maker Mat

I recently made flange binding out of my selvedges, and I love it!  I thought I would share here how I made it.  The style of flange binding is nothing new, I love doing this type of binding because then I don't have to hand sew the binding on, hehe, yes I'm lazy.
You can find the Flange binding tutorial here and several other places on the internet.  There is a very detailed blog post that can be found here, with lots and lots of photos, I just don't like the 1" 7/16 fabric cutting to squirrelly.  Okay onto my little tip today, making the binding Selvedge Style!
Make your selvedge fabric
 First Make your selvedge fabric, if I had know I was going to be using selvedges I would have cut them more uniformly but most of these I had already cut, the larger chunk ones are freshly cut from Fat Quarters, they are 1 1/2" by 18" long.  I think cutting selvedges at 1 1/4" is a good size.
The top selvedge piece should have extra fabric and the bottom piece is better to not be a selvedge but instead just regular fabric, since when sewing end to end, the selvedge would be covered up on the bottom.
Place a piece of Fusible Interfacing down with sticky side up, I used Pellon SF101. Arrange your selvedges in a pleasing manner, don't overlap them to much this makes things bulky, but you also don't want any of the Interfacing to show otherwise it will stick to your iron, once the interfacing is completely covered, slowly iron the selvedges down, one strip at a time. 
Next sew the selvedges down to the interfacing for security, I switched between a straight stitch and a zigzag stitch.
Cut your selvedge fabric at 1 1/2"
You can tell here that my bottom strip IS NOT a selvedge fabric because when you sew the strips end to end if it was a selvedge it would be covered up.
I also had the bottom and top fabric hanging OFF of the interfacing by half an inch on both sides, in order to prevent lots of bulk, when sewing end to end.
Cut your Accent fabric at 1 3/4", and follow either one or the other tutorial's listed here (links will take you to a new page) Susie's Magic Binding  or Mitered and Flanged Machine Binding
Rainbow Selvedge Binding, All Alison Glass fabrics
 What did I make with my pretty Selvedge binding.
Sew, Eat, Sleep, Repeat Sewing Machine Cover with Selvedge Binding

hand quilting around each letter
 This quote is from a recent Elm Street Quilts QAL (quilt a long) I have reduced the pattern by 50% and changed the original word Quilt to Sew (I'm not a big quilter). You can find the original pattern on Craftsy and she has also made a alphabet pattern so you can make any word you want.
Under Cover Maker Mat with Selvedge binding
 This free pattern from Lillyella can be found here, along with her 3 different butterfly shapes, this is Pepper.
I made this to enter in her #undercovermakermatsal 
And after finishing it I was like hey I should enter this in the Selvedge Challenge going on with Stash Builder Box so here I go in entering it there as well. #selvagechallenge2016

 What will you make with your selvedge binding, it's so fun! #selvedgebinding

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Renee said...

This looks fantastic! What a great idea for selvages, then you don't have to sew through all of that bulk!