30 September 2016

September the cushion month

I made a few cushions this month for some challenges, I wanted to make more, but you know, time, it wait's for no one.
First cushion that I finished is a really easy and quick make, saw a gal do it on Instagram for the Modern Makers Cushion Palooza and was like oohh.. I want to make that with the new Raindrop fabric that I just got.

Buttons are cut from the Selvedge on the Raindrop fabric, so cute.
If you would like to make your own Sprocket Pillow, it is a free pattern available at Cluck Cluck Sew
It was really rainy, for weeks, so this pillow had some magically powers and made it sunny again.  My daughter has claimed it as her pillow.
Rain, Rain Go Away, Come Again Some other day! I'm not a fan of rain, can you tell :)
Next up was actually a UFO/WIP I didn't finish it originally because I wanted to make the back special as well as the front and was trying to come up with something.
I decided on this, what do you think? Makes me think of a Stained Glass Porthole.
The kids fought over who would get to claim this pillow,
Katerina technically won, she is very good at wrestling, but since she got the previous pillow this one went to Nik.
Nik was excited to have won and even agreed to take some photos (rare occurrence)
I then asked if he could take a few photos with me holding the pillow, this is how that went.

 Me Speaking.
  1. Don't stand so close to mummy.
  2. Try to get just the pillow
  3. That's better, but try to get all of the pillow in the picture.
  4. um yeah I guess your done taking photos then huh?

This pattern is a free video tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company, instead of the 5" pieces of fabric suggested in the tutorial I used 2.5", the pillow measures at 20" square, and I used a zipper at the bottom.
We took these pictures at an old abandoned stone house.
Next up is a labor of love, I had originally wanted to enter it into 3 different challenges, but was unable to finish it in time for the Selvage Challenge, that is okay because I originally got this idea from a gal on Instagram when she showed her #shapefamilychallenge pictures and I just loved how she made Hearts out of Paper pieces!
these hearts are made with
1 - 2" 6 Point Diamond and
2 x 1" Jewels
 When you put the hearts together they made a void in the shape of a star, SO I am calling this cushion Swirling Hearts and Stars.

I went outside again to take some new photos, does this one look better?

Originally I was only going to quilt the stars,
Only stars quilted
But it didn't pop as much as I thought it would, so then I quilted everything except the hearts, plus I really wanted to use my new Aurifil Brillo 739, it's so pretty and sews like butter!
Everything quilted but the hearts
I used some of my favorite prints with selvedges and some of my favorite designers got heart's around their names, don't worry I live to far away to become a stalker :)
I also mention my family, who lives in the USA
Okay I'll stop now, Picture overload! oh wait, let me show the back, had this picked out in the beginning for the selvedge challenge,
Insta Love fabric on front and selvedge on back
Envelope back, cushion is not stuffed yet, need to make a special shape for it and I'm out of fill.

Linking all 3 Pillows to Modern Makers Cushion Palooza
And the English Paper  Piecing Pillow that I showed last was made using the Hexie Shape Family from Tales of Cloth for their #shapefamilychallenge
Thanks for stopping by!

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