01 January 2017

4 Kids Christmas 2016, The Presents

I host an Instagram swap called #4kidschristmas and it's about sewing up a medium sized gift for a child for your partner.  This year we did an open swap where you traded with your partner and kept in contact with each other.  I really liked this because I got to know Amanda well and was able to talk to here about her kids and she was able to talk to me as well.
Wearing Senegence Lipstick with out the gloss on
When I found out she sold Senegence Lipstick, I kind of begged her to send me a color, since I love it so much.  And I would suggest you go out and buy it as well, it's fantastic, stay's on your lips forever, you can do many things and it won't come off (want a detailed list of what I did while wearing it, you can e-mail me, wink, wink ;)  Her Instagram name is @lastinglipscolorado if you want to check it out.
Amanda also made the kids the perfect gifts for Katerina a play mat, that she can play on with all of her little Playmobile.  And Nik a Minecraft sword out of felt, the workmanship on the sword is amazing.
The Frozen print is the interior (a better picture of the exterior play mat is below)
The secondary presents were perfect as well, I put these in the kids stockings, so they got them first thing in the morning.
Playmobile Santa for Katerina, it came with presents, but I couldn't find them when I took this photo, Katerina has been hiding them around the house.  Lego Minecraft for Nik, we don't have these here in Greece, so this are super cool and Nik wants all of the other Minecraft Lego sets, lol.  Thanks Amanda, hehe.
Inside of the Handmade Pouches was a small Minecraft toy and also the Jelly Bean candies, again we don't have these here, Katerina was so excited to try these, she see's them on Challenge videos. So of course we had to do a taste challenge, we put them in a bowl and I wrote down the different flavors and the kids were supposed to guess the flavor, it was fun.
A few more pictures.

This is just half of the play mat so you can imagine the size, it will come in really handy when she is playing on the verandah during the summer with all of her Playmobile.
Nik with his sword.
This picture is classic, I just love Katerina's face.
Thank you Amanda for making the kids's Christmas extra special.
I made 2 stuffies for Amanda's girl's, from the book "Sew Fantasy Toys"

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✄ Erin @ Sew at Home Mummy ✄ said...

These look so amazing, Mara! And I've never heard of this lipstick before, going to have to check it out!