02 January 2017

Christmas 2016

So my computer is running poorly and Arthur tells me I need to get rid of some of my photographs, so you may be seeing lots of post in the next coming weeks, so I can put all of my photos somewhere.
Starting with the most recent, this post will include pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas day 2016.

On Christmas Eve I made a Kiwi tart, why Kiwi, well at the kids school they sent home each child a big bag of kiwi's, I'm guessing it was around 3 Kilo's or 6 pounds per bag.  If you do the math there are about 100 kids at the school, yeah, that's a lot of Kiwi's
The kiwi's in the bowl are the leftover's from just one bag, the other bag of kiwi's I left at KokaRoka.
It was pretty good, if you want the recipe I will have to make it again since I was just goofing around and made up my own thing.
Katerina's godmother dropped by that evening so we ate Katerina's and Ero's favorite food, Spaghetti and Meat Sauce.  She brought presents for the kids, she is always so sweet in remembering Nik as well, they both just adore her.
A Barbie Farm Veterinarian

And a Helicopter for Nik
She only got to stay for a little bit before going to visit her mother, she is living in Athens right now and Thankfully has a job, unlike 50% of the rest of the young people in Greece, so that's good.
Having fun playing.
Christmas morning we woke up to having the stockings stuffed by Miss Molly Mouse, I had just finished Nik's stocking the night before around 10pm, I know I love a deadline, haha.
Just like my Mom I like to put some mandarin's in the stocking (no walnuts) and the morning juice, a lollipop, this year the inside present was pretty fancy with some additions from Amanda (see previous post for all of the gifts she sent)  Katerina was up first and had all of her stuff open by the time Nik came out, lol.
The Christmas Pickle hiding in the tree decided who got to open the first present, Katerina found it first, Arthur started pouting because I corrected him when he called it a Pepper and said it was a Pickle.
We always have the tree down at KokaRoka, there is more room and well I prefer it that way.
 I asked what they would like to open first, present from Mommy and Daddy, present from GeGe and GePa, present from mommy's friend Amanda or present from Santa, and surprisingly enough they went in the order that I suggested, I thought for sure they would say Santa's first, these kids never cease to amaze me.
Katerina's gift from us was a Fairy coloring book with Fairy stickers and some neon markers she had been wanting.
Nik got a plate, bowl and cup set from Mommy and Daddy, you can see the excitement on his face, hehehe, but I got this for him because he was always complaining about using the "kiddy" cups from IKEA (they are plastic and he wanted a real cup).
From GeGe and GePa a Playmobile Hair Salon, Katerina spends hours playing make believe with her Playmobile  and after playing teacher, doing hair and make-up is her next favorite topic.
Nik's gift from GeGe and GePa a game called Stratego, Nik's favorite thing to do is play games and especially military style games or Minecraft and he loves anything that requires some Strategy.  So this was a perfect gift for him, now he just needs a whole bunch of cousin's around to play with him all of the time, Mommy is kind of Strategied out.

The Third present to be opened was from a swap I did with Amanda, she sent the kids a Handmade gift and I sent her kids a handmade gift, you can see the items swapped here on this blog post.

Mr. Pouting Scrooge was on his computer the whole time, I was so pissed.

And his mother's usual position in the Kitchen, of course if she had been out she probably would have been yelling at the kids so it was better that she just was around but not involved.
The kids opening their gift from Santa, Katerina got her much asked for Barbie house that folds up, we do have a small house and Nik got a Playmobile Farm, that I was very surprised he asked for.  On both gifts Santa got a good deal, Katerina's was on sale from 40euros to 34euros and Santa had a coupon that had expired but that they still accepted for another 8euros off, so it came to a saving's of 14euros.  Nik's gift Santa had a flier that said it would cost 40euros, but when Santa went to the toy store they wanted 58euros, Santa showed them the flier and they called the company "Playmobile" and then they honored the deal, so a savings of 18euros, Santa greatly appreciated all of the good deals.

For lunch we had pork in the oven with potatoes (also ate this on New Year's day) only Nik and I ate, since ΓιαΓια Katerina yelled at little Katerina and made her cry so she went home and Arthur was still pouting so he went with her.
 Nik loves eating all things green, in fact we almost have a hard time getting him to eat meat, as soon as he taste any fat, he will stop eating the meat, so we have to be real careful in cutting the meat for him.
My little vegetarian, eating Horta, wild greens from the garden, he does NOT get this from me.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, does anyone else have a Scrooge in the Family? 

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✄ Erin @ Sew at Home Mummy ✄ said...

LOL somebody would be in the dog house if he sat on the computer all day Christmas! Grr!

Nik is like A - she always eats her veggies first, and has to be coaxed to eat meat! Lol!