11 April 2017

Aurifil Bag

I would like to Thank Everyone who has voted for my Sew Many Colors Rainbow Mini, and just in case you haven't and would like to you can hit this LINK and it will take you to the voting page.  Only 1 vote per person and I am number 12, just tap the heart.
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I took my Mini and turned it into a Bag, made a little tutorial for you if you would like to make one as well.
Warm colored side.

Cool colored side
You can get the free Sew Many Colors Mini pattern here.

To make your own bag, make the mini, I used Fat Quarter Shop's easy tutorial for using the backing fabric as your binding.  And now let's make the zipper closure.
2- 14" Separating Zippers (in Greece they call them Jacket zippers)
4- 2" x 15" pieces of fabric

 We are going to take the fabric and fold them like we would when making binding, first fold the short ends in by 1/4", then fold lengthwise in half (press with an iron) and then open out and fold it into the middle, you will end up with a thing strip of fabric like the one on the right.

I found it easier to unzip the zippers and then opened the fabric strip up aligning one edge and sewing as close as I could to the zipper.  Folding the fabric back around the edge of the zipper and then sewing it down again, getting the back side.
Be careful when sewing around zippers, I always change my needle to an old one, and leave a long tail of thread at the end so I can go back and hand sew a few extra stitches for where I tucked in the head of the zipper.
Start at the seam of where the Paper Pieced A is.
Wrap it around the sides, you can put a handle in if you like, mine is the selvedge (2) 2.5" x 9"

Place handles 1" from the seam created by piecing C and D together.
Hand sew the zipper to the binding just like you would when sewing on binding by hand.

If you have any questions let me know, it's a pretty easy adaption to the pattern and can open up fully and you can even put it back up on the wall, this picture was taken after adding the zipper and you can't even tell it's there.
And from the backside
It fits my box of Aurifil perfectly and I will be making a little fabric tray to go next to it, perfect for taking along on sewing retreats.
Would you like to have an Aurifil Bag? What colors would you use?

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