08 April 2017

Bunny Easter Bag

I made one Bunny bag and then they just multiplied like, well rabbits!
Table runner pattern and blog post, can be found here.
I had to make them in ALL the colors, using V and Co. Spectrum fabrics with some of their ombre solids.
My daughter doesn't like her dolls or toys to have their eyes closed, so I made a special face for her bunny.  The lower lashes are the same shape as the upper lashes, I just turned the pattern upside down and added the lashes only to the exterior parts of the eyes.
The heart shaped eyes are a smaller version of the nose pattern.
They turned out so cute, I bet you want to make your own, right!
You can find the pattern and information here on how to make your own Bunny Bags.
Looking so pretty on my new table runner.
But 2 are going to be gifted to my nieces, they will be a little late for Easter, 
but I think that will be okay :)
adding a label is always important.


Lauren Wright said...
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Lauren Wright said...

Wow Mara! Your collection of bunny bags is stunning! Thank you for sharing your makes with the Bunny Bag Pattern. Lauren from Molly and Mama xx