01 February 2007

Pertouli Περτουλι

Greek ski slopes of Pertouli
Arthur and I went on a little trip up to the local ski resort of Pertouli, very popular with the rich and famous Greek citizens. We didn't see anyone famous on this trip, maybe next time. The drive was beautiful the roads clear and the sun warm. We stopped in Arthur's grandfathers village and ran into one of his fathers cousins and his son (Arthur's second cousin) they are the owners of the fine goats you see pictured above. Arthur's 2nd cousin invited us to his mothers house and we enjoyed some refreshments and baklava (my first since moving to Greece).
We then continued our journey to Pertouli and stopped for lunch there. I had the Cock in Wine Sauce, Arthur's meal tasted better so I traded with him. It was a great trip another place for you to visit when you come.

1 comment:

jon said...

All that snow and no skiing?
Mara does Arthur know you were a champion skier in your youth (Garmish?)

The country looks beautiful, those are some great day trips.