01 February 2007

Sunday Ladies Visit

On Sunday we saw an insurgence of Greek ladies in our cozy living room, we barely had enough chairs.
From left to Right:
Aunt Rina, cousins daughter, Aunt Maria(fathers sister and mother of 1st cousins Helene and Kostas), Mara, Maria (married to Arthurs 1st cousin Kostas), Aunt Soula, Aunt Boula, 1st Cousin Helene, her son, Arthur's Mum (Katerina).
They brought cakes (lots of cakes) and flowers. I served them drinks on a tray and cakes on a dish. Helene can speak a little English otherwise it was a whole bunch of women talking Greek. The Aunts are all very lovely with big smiles and larger than life hand gestures. I could even understand them a little with all of the gesturing. It was a little overwhelming, but I persevered and made it through our first family get together.

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SemperFiProf said...

Looks as if Mara is getting another degree in Greek life and Culture. Hope you all are having fun. The food looks great.