06 April 2007


Okay, technically we did not go on a honeymoon, but we did visit the hospital in Trikala. In order for me to get my 5 year visa, we had to show the Greek government that I was a healthy speciman. So after our wedding we went straight to the hospital in my wedding outfit, I got a few strange stares. While Arthur ran off to get 10euros (niether of us had any money on us in our wedding finery, my purse held lip gloss and my passport), a nurse approached me and started talking to me and I said to her "Δεν καταλαβαινω ελληνικα, ειμαι αμερικανα" Ι was very proud of my greek, I basically told her I don't understand greek, I'm american, she then started shouting to the people walking by and other hospital workers, Americana, Americana, I guess this helped explain to people why I was dressed the way I was.
Thankfully, Arthur finally came back with the 10euros so we could get an X-ray of my lungs and a TB test, this is all that they did to make sure I was healthy.


Anonymous said...

Yep,you're just like me. That's my kind of celebration and the mission was successful. It has been snowing a bit here, but we still can send our Happy Easter Greetings from Albuquerque. Love,Ma

mara said...

Wow snow, the day was beautiful here, we cooked a whole lamb and goat plus some extra stuff. And thats what I am is stuffed.
Love Ya