27 July 2007

Beach Bums

My first beach swim since moving to Greece was well worth the wait. Arthur took me to his favorite beach and we were the only people on it all morning long. About 400-500 goats passed by with their dog watchers, at first Arthur wanted to leave because some Greek Sheppard dogs can be hazardous to humans, but these dogs just joined us for a nap under the shade of the trees. The middle picture is actually Arthur swimming with my hat on, he forgot his. The lower picture is me standing in front of our private beach, no one lives in the house along the inlet, wouldn't you like to live there it's beautiful.
This day trip turned into an overnight stay, Arthur and I were so exhausted after waking up at 5 am and driving for three and half hours and then swimming till 1 pm that we decided to stay in the small town of Millina. The pastries don't taste so great, but the calamari, schnitzel and french fries were delicious. A great place to stay. The top picture is a beach that we swam at in the morning before leaving to come back home, it wasn't as private as the one we went to the day before but the water was just as nice.

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Anonymous said...

That could be my favorite place too, especially on a hot summer day. Love, Ma