31 July 2007

What Mischa Barton and I have in common

Arthur purchased a celebrity gossip magazine for me since I felt out of the American gossip loop and in it I found an article written about Mischa Barton. It seems Mischa is filming a movie in Russia and is homesick for - guess what - gossip and cupcakes! Me too, Mischa, no one makes cupcakes like the United States or produces as much wasted reading material. Live Earth should go after all of the gossip magazines to reduce their use of paper. But going back to the important topic of cupcakes, we don't even have Betty Crocker or Little Debbie here ( I was looking for twinkies, I don't think I have touched one in Ohhh! 15 years, I marked it up to the weird pregnancy cravings one is supposed to have). I personally think these companies are missing a huge market share.
Arthur wanted me to share with you that we found a box that made Tacos (you know the one dad you get them all of the time), it came with seasoning for the meat, salsa and tacos. Arthur loved and so did I so we will be purchasing more of those boxes soon.


jon said...

who is mischa barton?

you are in Greece and you are looking for a twinkie? Pregnancy does have weird effects?

Anonymous said...

Mara: why don't you put Tacos on the menu? Get some red chile powder from
New Mexico as well to spice them up and you will be swamped. How is your plan for making American breakfasts coming? DAD

Jeanie said...

Mara, too bad cupcakes don't travel well or I would mail you some!


Anonymous said...

I just made Pecan Pie Cupcakes this morning - come on over and get one. Rhonda

mara said...

Pecan Pie cupcakes! YUMMY that sounds so good, send me the recipe I wish I could just come over and grab a couple.