25 November 2007

Ekaterini Day

Today is Arthur's mom's name day, Ekaterini, Katerina (is what I call her) and the "in the future girl child" will be nicknamed Kat (just to let you know). Name days are more celebrated than birthdays, this is when family and friends call to wish you "many happy years". I think perhaps it is easier to remember a name day versus a birthday, I mean it would be like if you knew a whole bunch of Mike's ( I know at least 5 mikes) and I could call them all on the same day wouldn't that make things easy. Of course then if you have a name like mine "mara" it doesn't have it's own name day so I get stuck in with all of the "maria's" and trust me there are a lot of "maria's" in Greece. To celebrate name days you buy little cakes and hand them out to family and friends that stop by, and they bring you little cakes so then you end up with a whole bunch of little cakes to eat. Last year for Arthur's name day everyone brought us cakes, we had about 6 boxes in the fridge, it was just too much. I think if it was all Baklava I would be able to eat it, but normally it's some vegetable cream concoction that just taste really oily.
If you want to know when your name day is, just let me know and I will try to look it up. Then you can celebrate being you twice in one year.

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Jeanie said...

On my "name day" I want pies~! or cookies...